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in an effort to make conversation more meaningful, yet still time efficient, I've started using certain words when interrupting people:

"PAUSE" just like it says, "pause" is the most common one, used when it's necessary to interject a quick remark. Usually followed by "UNPAUSE" Also useful when getting up for a restroom break.

"REWIND" either for emphasis or in case I missed some detail

"TANGENT" for when I have an unrelated story this puts me in mind of that I can relate quickly but without losing the thread of the greater conversation.

"(a parenthetical aside)" a shorter story that fits neatly into the larger one.

"LAND THE PLANE" Your story has gone on too long and is losing it's impact. Time to wrap it up.

All told, the effect is to enrich the conversational/ storytelling experience with other tidbits and vignettes that might be of interest to the listener, while still keeping on track with the original topic du jour. It's much more effective than just interrupting each other and drifting off into tangent after tangent without ever knowing the conclusion of the original subject.
excellent workout today with normalcyispasse .  thanks so much for letting me be in sponge mode with you for a bit. 

*bows to the picture of gorilla sensei*

I'm sure this is already a story somewhere, maybe in Africa. Apologies to whichever shaman I've plaigarized.

Once upon a time in the animal kingdom, cats had the power of speech and a full vocabulary. There was nothing they loved more than hanging out, nibbling on a basil bush, and chatting all day long. They'd talk about the weather, talk about food, but most of all, they'd talk about each other. Over time, they became cliquish. The orange tabbies hung out with the orange tabbies and gossipped about the monochromes. The calicoes considered themselves above the fray and mostly talked politics while nibbling on a very rare bit of parsley they had located and appropriated for their own use. No one knew what the long hairs talked about. Everyone assumed it was armed insurrection.

One day in the garden, things came to a crisis. One of the long hairs kept glancing over her shoulder at one of the orange tabbies who would point, and then resume gossipping with his fellows. The long hair trotted over to the knot of tabbies, bushy tail swishing back and forth. Some words were exchanged. The tone of the conversation escalated and escalated until the long hair took a swipe at the tabby with one fluffy paw that hid a set of freshly sharpened claws. Before long, the other long hairs had come rushing over, and it was a full on melee between the two groups. Following this, the black and whites got into it with the calicoes, and the skinny exotics went after the Angoras. Tufts of multi colored fur flew hither and yon. Enraged cries filled the air. Ears were torn and claws were broken, until eventually bit by bit, the fighting stopped.

There on the hill stood Coyote. He said to the now-still assemblage of felines, "So, given the power of speech, this is what you do with it? You talk and talk, each one trying for advantage over the other, each one trying to gain the greatest level of wit. For what does it matter who comes up with the best and fastest replies if it leads to no greater understanding of each other? You have ruined this gift." And with a wave of his paw, he took all their words away but one- "Meow," which in their language roughly translates to, "I want..."

Forever after, the cats would be trapped in their limber bodies, able to think, but not express themselves. Their conflicts were not wholly erased, but where before tensions would be long simmering until they boiled, now they could be solved by a hiss and a swipe. Without the crystallizing element of language, their thoughts became dull and sluggish. So now, the cats you see today, while fluffy, pleasant, and eager to please; mostly inform you about what they need and want, right now. Every now and then a flash of their former intellect will make it's way up through the evolutionary muck, but they lack the words to share this thought with you and the world. If your cat gives you a particularly questioning "Merow?" this is that little bit of their former feline selves being remembered despite the sludge of intervening generations without speech. If they do things you don't understand, they're just frustrated and seeking another way to communicate with you. So Coyote made it.

Dogs on the other hand never learned to talk because they're stupid.


which is how I explain Mallory randomly peeing on stuff. He's pissed off (literally) about something. the other day in the taxi a passenger told me it smelled like cat. "yes, I have a cat." I said. "No, I don't let him pee all over everything."

How embarrassing. I went home and washed all the clothes I was wearing, and more importantly washed the backpack I was carrying, which I was sure was the source of the odor. The next day back in the taxi and I still detect it, but try to tell myself it's all in my head. I put down the book I'm reading, Howard Zinn's fabulous manifesto, A People's History of the United States. I look at the book. I give it a whiff, and sure enough, it appears Mallory is not a fan of Mr. Zinn. I bet in a past life kitteh was a Fortune 500 CEO. I'm a little disappointed actually. This time I was sure I'd make it to the end of the book without driving myself off a cliff.
I love the smell of Arizona at night after a good rain.  Once or twice I've ventured out up to the nursery a mile away just to soak up the aroma of a few thousand desert flowers all opening their pores at once. 
about exactly what it was I did at the bank all those years, here you are:

from Southparkstudios, so I think it needs adobe flash player to make it work.
ganked from spiralshell 's facebook page cuz it's hilraious.

Pregnant women are smug
Everyone knows it, nobody says it
Because they're pregnant.

*hugs* to Anna :-D
highlight of my month being that radio producer and essayist Starlee Kine from This American Life accepted my friend request on facebook. (not that it makes me special, there could be all sorts of reprobates on that list) She's one of my top five people I'd love to have a cup of coffee with. In Buenos Aires.
k, so again for the cheap seats, the way this deal is supposed to work is this:

Fed buys up a mortgage backed security, with a nominal value of $100 million. (just to pick a number) That is, it's a bunch of loans all pooled together with borrowers owing that amount. Now because the banks need cash now, they are willing to sell it for $65 million.

First way in which this makes money is everyone making their mortgage payments every month, at say 7%. which = %7 million, or a yield of 10.8% Since this deal is funded by treasuries at 3.5% (that's 3.5% on $65 million, in case you're keeping track) net income to the treasury from day 1 is $4.725 million, or a net of 4.725%. Even in a bad default scenario, the fed starts making money right away, only (perhaps) losing money in a year or two.

WHAT THIS MEANS TO YOU IS NO OUT OF POCKET COST. No higher taxes, no inflationary pressure.

Second, consider a the ability of the fed to get equity stakes in the participating banks, and of course the ability of them to hang on to those loans until such a time as they are worth more than they paid, and profit again. It's ridiculous that even while having the banks over a barrel, and in such a point of distress where they can get whatever concessions they want, the 'Merkan people still think this is going to cost them anything. It's the worst bit of willful ignorance since Hillary Clinton's UHC debacle 14 years ago.

I have yet to see a well reasoned argument against the merits of the plan in it's original form, just a lot of whining from everyone that they needed to be "sold" on it. Best thing people have said is that without getting the economy moving again, it leaves the fed holding a potentially worthless bag. While this is true, the economy can wait a month or two. The banking crisis is now.
so here's my rough idea of stuff I'd like to do in Denver:

Weds, should be getting in three ish, getting situated n stuff.  Kat and I floated the idea of forming a roving band of karaoke Vandals and Goths bend on chewing up stages in the greater Denver area.  Remember karokey in London that time?  Wicked fun, n'est pas?

Thursday hiking in the day and Casa Bonita in the evening; flexible dependant on the needs of BWB and con. 

I rented a car for Wednesday and Thursday, so I'm good for transportation for five, or six if two of the people are Mo-sized.  All are welcome; no one is unwelcome, but I won't be turrible butt-hurt if people want to do other stuff and it ends up being date-night for me and Erika.

*puts work stress on a shelf and thinks of con*